Make your own dinosaur keychain

I’m always wanting to change things around and add new colour and art to my home. This patchwork paper art is an easy and budget friendly way to do that, and a great way to use up or recycle paper scraps too. In this tutorial I’ve used wrapping paper and origami paper, but you could also reuse greeting cards, store carry bags, magazine pages, thrifted books, or scrapbooking paper. (click on the ‘read more’ link below for the full step by step tutorial).

Make your own art: paper patchwork

Though things aren’t quite as crazy for us this year as they were last {we were hauling it across town daily to complete our renovation – looking back, I’m pretty sure the only thing that got us through it was sheer determination, and family who totally helps us out}. So this year we’re so glad to actually breathe deep and be in the moment! Hurray for school and all things in-session… even if we weren’t quite ready for it!

Easy DIY Cork Magnets

We’ve absolutely loved our kitchen since the big rehab that we completed this past fall. It’s been amazing. But with a smaller square footage where we both work and take care of our family, {until we can finish that basement} space has been a little tight to come up with a clever command center.